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Kenwoods Amazing Cooking Chef Planetary Mixer - Folders

Kenwoods Amazing Cooking Chef Planetary Mixer

Kenwood's revolutionary Cooking Chef Planetary Mixer adds a new dimension to the art of cooking. The Cooking Chef incorporates induction cooking with all the standard features of our Titanium Major kitchen machine, making it the first-ever planetary mixer to cook your meal. It's all the kitchen machine you'll ever need.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef combines food preparation and induction cooking technology. The temperature can be set accurately between 20 to 140°C and the timer set for up to 3 hours. This type of temperature and timer control gives a real freedom in the kitchen and can make even complex dishes quicker and easier to cook.

The built-in, 1100 Watt heat induction system under the bowl enables you to continuously stir and cook ingredients to perfection. The specially designed bowl can tolerate temperatures from 20°C-140°C. Two sensors accurately measure and control the heat to within 2°C, so you can be certain you're cooking at exactly the right temperature for your recipe.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef also has three dedicated stirring speeds for cooking. Speed 1 slowly and carefully mixes your ingredients to preserve the structure and texture of ingredients. Stir speed 2 turns the tool two and a half times and then pauses for 5 seconds and stir speed 3 turns the tool two and a half times and then pauses for 30 seconds. Ideal for stirring casseroles while cooking and also great for goulash, boeuf bourguignon and ragu sauces. Even popping popcorn!

And, the built-in digital LCD timer allows you to check on either the cooking time or the temperature and adds an extra touch of precision to your cooking.

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