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Panasonic OLED TVs are the choice of Hollywood professionals - Folders

Panasonic OLED TVs are the choice of Hollywood professionals

The wait is over! You can now head to  Folders and experience the new benchmark for cinema-grade picture quality with Panasonics latest OLED televisions. Panasonic worked closely with the film industry’s top colourists, image scientists and engineers to tune and test our phenomenal OLED TV's. As a result, renowned studios now use Panasonic OLED televisions as an essential part of their work processes.

To deliver the very best audio quality, the FZ1000 series is complemented by the addition of a ‘Tuned by Technics’ Dynamic Blade Speaker. This deceptively thin audio system houses no less than 12 speaker units (4 woofers, 4 squawkers, 2 tweeters, 2 quad passive radiators for extra bass) and has been developed in conjunction with engineers from Panasonic’s acclaimed Technics hi-fi brand to deliver a refined and realistic soundstage.

Plus, an upgraded intuitive My Home Screen 3.0 smart TV platform lets you customise the home screen for easier access to on-demand or streaming services, and frequently used web browsers, apps and devices. On board you will find all the most popular apps including Netflix, and Twin HD Tuner capabilities offer loads of flexible viewing options.

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