4K BBQ Graphite - Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

by Monaco

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal 4K BBQ - The Future of Charcoal Cooking.

Integrated Meat Probes: A built-in food probe system incorporated into the internal body of the 4K allows you to keep track of the progress of your cook while keeping the hood closed, relaying temperature data to the controller display and app.


Bluetooth App Connection: Download the free app and connect your 4K to receive internal temperature data and charcoal management tips to your phone.

Cool-To-Touch Exterior: The excellent insulation of the 4K's aluminium construction not only allows superior heat retention for cooking, but also prevents the exterior body from reaching extreme temperatures.

Side Reloading: Reload charcoal throughout your cook through the side reloading hatch, avoiding the need to open the hood throughout the cook and disrupt internal temperatures.

  • Auto-locking hood
  • Internal hood light
  • Tough glass controller
  • Fast Flame Ignition System to electrically ignite charcoal
  • 46cm cooking area
  • Flexibility to cook with hood up or down
  • 2 x fixed ambient meat probes built into dome
  • 4 x removable internal meat temperature probes
  • Built for 4 x cooking methods: 'Low and slow'/smoking, convection cooking, direct/open grilling and high heat baking/pizza
  • Die-cast aluminium body with heat protected, UV rated, matte finish
  • Cool-to-touch outer body (excluding air outlet)
  • 2 x cast-iron plates + 2 x 304 stainless steel grill