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The folders family


Many people falsely believe that the big corporate retailer will give you a better deal. We continually expose that myth. Our range is massive and growing daily, our prices are competitive if not better, plus we give the service only small independent retailers can. We actually have real people at the other end of the phone!


As a rural retailer we need customers for life because there are not many to choose from in a small rural town. And, if we do something wrong everyone knows by lunchtime! So real customer service is what we do! Every reasonable request will be always answered with a "YES".

Where the buck stops.....

Anne Walker



The essential cog! Picks up the pieces and makes everything work after the other three make changes. Responsible for the administration, customer service, the buying team, and anything else we can think of. 

Ian Walker



The in-house workaholic! Future's strategist and the main cause of looking at what's next. Responsible for marketing strategy and implementation. Occasionally drives a tractor when farm staff need help.

Alex Walker

      B.Eng(Hons) MBA        

Group GM

The systems guru! If you want something to go from A to B whether its farm water or online sales and fulfilment processes. Responsible for systems and implementation plus special projects. 

Dr Chris Walker

B.Eng(Hons) PhD

Technical Ops

Our cool Geek! Creates the technical innovation around all our online activity. Responsible for the smarts needed to deliver the best possible online experience to  our valued customers.