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Local Delivery & Installation

Whether you shop online, in store or by phone we have a number of options to make receiving your new purchase easy and convenient.

Real Far North Only

Within the top part of the Far North District (See map) we offer enhanced delivery and installation services on selected categories. You should contact us to arrange any of the following options and confirm pricing depending on your location and any other variables.


Some items can be heavy and difficult to unpack and install into the home. In these instances if there is no one available to assist we can provide an additional person for an extra charge listed below. 

Standard delivery:
We are happy to remove packaging and your old item being replaced as long as it is uninstalled and readily available. Drop off box at the door with the exception of the installation of dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, and dryers. These are included in this price as long as they are fitting to existing taps and/or wall brackets - no plumbing or building work can be done.


Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three


If 2 People Required
Add $15


If 2 People Required
Add $20


If 2 People Required
Add  $30

Delivery within Pink Area

Delivery within Green Area

Delivery within Blue Area


NOTE: The above charges for for Folders' Local Customers only. If your shipping location doesn't fall within the area above, standard online shipping charges apply. Details of these charges and services can be foundhere. All shipping costs can be calculated from the individual product page.



Installation of stoves/ovens/cooktops will require a professional electrician. We can arrange installation and coordinate with an electrician. For a simple drop off standard fees will apply.

Installation of Heatpumps also require professional installers. We can arrange for this to occur and coordinate delivery. For a simple drop off standard fees will apply.