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About Robinhood

Robinhood is a leading Australasian brand of kitchen and laundry products. The Robinhood product range includes rangehoods, and ducting solutions; laundry tubs and ironing centres; waste disposers sinks and taps.The Robinhood brands you will recognise include: Supertub®, Scrapeater®, Uniduct®, Ironing Centre® and Alto®. Robinhood products are sourced globally from leading manufactures, good quality products with modern technology and award winning designs. 

Built for Kiwi's

Most Robinhood products come in full coloured packaging to connect with consumers and the detail describes what the product is in a clever & unexpected way. Behind every Robinhood product is a warranty of one to five years. We provide full customer support to ensure ongoing consumer satisfaction.

Robinhood appreciates that modern family life runs at a non-stop, chaotic pace. So many of us are time poor and stressed and what's more, homes are shrinking and apartment living is on the rise as our population expands. Thankfully, Robinhood designers have been preparing for this future and want to install it, at your place. They've taken advantage of smart technology and combined it with minimalist, modular design to create elegant yet supremely functional solutions for the kitchen and laundry. Robinhood products solve problems of space, clutter and noise with effortless efficiency.

Your home is a sanctuary

But it's not just the inside of your home that They're mindful of. All Robinhood products are carefully considered in order to leave a minimal green footprint. They use sustainable material wherever possible and efficient technology to save electricity. In addition, they strive for polystyrene free and recyclable packaging. Robinhood brings design order, technological efficiency, and environmental responsibility together to ensure calm and serenity. So while the world may be getting faster and noisier, your home will remain a sanctuary.Now that's a future we can all buy into.


Robinhood originally specialised in building and selling commercial rangehoods. The company started off in Australia in the early 1960s when Robin Hood-named Anthony Robinson- began manufacturing exhaust fans with his sons, Mark and Nick. By about 1974, when the brothers took over the company from their father, they decided to add more product categories to their range of products. And around 1989, the brand's first kitchen oven was launched in Australia. 

Robinhood remains a major supplier of household kitchen rangehoods both in Australia and New Zealand but the brand has expanded into a full range of kitchen appliances including ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, waste disposals, washing machines, clothes dryers, and laundry Tubs.