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Sleepyhead History 

For the last 85 years the Sleepyhead family business has been helping New Zealanders get a good night’s sleep. And during this time, they've figured a few things out about the very thing that we spend a third of our lives doing. Sleeping is something we all do, but everyone does it differently – and that’s why they design their beds with you in mind. Whoever you are and however you sleep, they’ve developed a sleep solution to suit every individual.

Still doing it today

Sleepyhead is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Originally founded by Sydney Turner, bed making expertise, experience and knowledge has been passed down through 4 generations of Turners who’re every bit as committed to making beds in New Zealand, designed for every type of New Zealander as Sydney was 85 years ago. They provide local jobs to Kiwis who are passionate about making the highest quality products to give you the best possible sleep. Sleepyhead is part of The Comfort Group, Australasia’s largest bedding and foam manufacturer with more than 1200 staff and are about to build a new factory estate in Huntly.

To enjoy great sleep, having a Sleepyhead bed that is well matched to your body type and sleep habits is crucial, yet so often people rush this important purchase. So take your time, try several different models, and ask as many questions as you need to when you visit Folders. Most of all, don’t think of your purchase as an expense – but an investment in a new you – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Everyone has their own comfort preferences and Sleepyhead has a wide range of beds to cater to every unique need and comfort preference. Many of Sleepyhead beds feature a pillow top which adds a soft cocooning comfort layer to your bed. The internal foam and spring technology within a bed gives your body the support it needs to get a great sleep, whilst the pillow top creates the softness on the top of the bed. 

And, don't forget the pillow. A great sleep needs a great pillow. The right pillow will work in unison with your mattress while supporting your head & neck, to assist with spinal alignment. With 25% of your bed to body contact body being with your pillow it’s vital to ensure your pillow provides the right level of comfort and support. 

In the end nothing beats experiencing a bed in person so when you’re in the BedsRUs Folders store make sure you check out the different comfort layer options in your bed choice. Alternatively, contact Folders sleep experts and talk through your needs.