100uF 25VDC Low Leakage Electrolytic Capacitor

SKU RL6436

85ºC rated Leakage characteristics similar to tantalum caps, but at a lower price.

An electrolytic capacitor uses and electrolyte (a liquid or gel containing a high concentration of ions) to achieve a larger capacitance than the other capacitor types. These electrolytic capacitors are polarized, meaning that the voltage on the positive terminal must always be greater than the voltage on the negative terminal. They are commonly used as filters in devices in various power supplies to reduce the voltage ripple as well as input and output smoothing as an LPF.


Diameter 8mm
Height 11mm

Capacitor type Electrolytic Low Leakage
Polarised Capacitor Yes

Operating Temperature 85°C

Item capacitance 100µF

DC Voltage 25V

Component Type Electrolytic Capacitor
Pack Quantity 1pc
Passive mount type Through Hole
Passive connector type Solder Legs
Pitch 3.5mm
Component package Radial
Passive number of legs 2 count
Passive marking code Printed