12/24V 25A Switchmode Battery Charger


Nine step fully automatic 25 amp high current charger with maintenance charging of all types of SLA batteries as well as lead-calcium batteries from 50 - 500Ah, either 12V or 24V. The electronics are fully microprocessor controlled and protected against user error, so is totally safe to leave connected for months at a time. This charger will also charge in sub-zero temperatures, will recover sulphated batteries and can be used as a 5A power supply. Also features "boost" modes to recover deeply discharged batteries. The battery output lead has a temperature sensor to automatically compensate charging voltage dependant on temperature, so no matter what the conditions, you will get a full charge into your battery. For caravan and boat users, it also has a night charge mode: in this silent mode, charging is performed at reduced current with the cooling fans turned off, then returns to normal levels after 9 hours.

• Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
• Anti-spark protection
• Dust & splash proof (IP rated)
• Standby, fault, mode selection and charging LED indicators
• Mounting feet for wall mounting
• Safe to leave connected for months at a time

• Input voltage: 170 - 260VAC
• Output voltage: 12 or 24VDC
• Input current: 4A max
• Charging current: 12V-25A, 28V-12.5A
• Efficiency: >75%
• Ripple: 150mV, 300mA max
• Back current drain: <5mA • IP44 Rated • Dimensions: 260(L) x 135(W) x 70(H)mm