12/24V Switchmode 7A Battery Charger


The bigger brother of MB-3604, this is a 5-stage full maintenance charger for 12 and 24V lead acid (SLA, WET, GEL and AGM) batteries with bonus features. Fully automatic charging modes with diagnostic and recovery features, it even features a power supply mode where it can act as a 13.6Vdc 5A power supply. The versatility of this charger is unrivalled; it offers six different modes of operation:

• 14.4V/7A Charge - for 12V lead acid batteries
• 14.7V/7A Charge - for 12V AGM batteries
• 28.8V/3.5A Charge - for 24V lead acid batteries
• 29.4V/3.5A Charge - for 24V AGM batteries
• 16V/1.5A BOOST - to recover severely discharged 12V batteries
• 13.6V/5A Power Supply
• Interchangeable lead set (alligator clips AND ring terminal leads included)
• Overload, short circuit, open circuit, anti-spark and reverse polarity protected
• Suitable for 12 and 24V batteries (automatic detection)
• Microprocessor controlled
• IP65 rated
• TV and GS approved

• Input voltage: 220 - 240VAC
• Output voltage: 14.4, 14.7V, 28.8V, 29.4V, 16V, or 13.6VDC
• Input current: 400mA max
• Charging current: 12V-7A, 24V-3.5A
• Efficiency: >75%
• Ripple: 150mV, 300mA max
• Back current drain: <5mA • Dimensions: 200(L) x 90(W) x 50()mm