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12V 1350Ah Powerstack Battery

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Making a substantial investment in a large renewable energy or remote power system means you should have the best battery technology available. Able to withstand deep discharge to 0% capacity for 1000 cycles, the Powerstack battery banks are the last word in genuine deep-cycle technology ensuring long service life. The modular, stackable rack design enables easy installation and offers complete flexibility for future system expansion. This racking is something that you just don't get with other deep cycle batteries, and makes such a difference to ease of use and flexibility of installation. This significantly reduces your installation costs as you don't have to go out and make your own rack for your battery bank - that's all done for you with the Powerstack.

Each Powerstack comes fully loaded with six 2V deep cycle valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) cells, and includes interconnecting busbars to connect up each cell to make the 12V bank. The construction of each cell is flame retardant copolymer casing with lead coated copper conductor terminals, the racking is steel painted in acid resistant paint, and all parts can be recycled. Suitable for mining, defence, UPS backup, transmission, telephony as well as high end alternative energy systems and remote area power systems.

Due to the size and weight of these very specialised units they will only be available for dispatch direct from our central warehouse in Sydney and Auckland. Freight will be additional - contact us for a quotation.

See our website for full specifications and downloadable datasheets.

- Modular stackable design
- Cycle life: 4000 cycles at 20% discharge, 1000 cycles at 100% discharge
- Self discharge: Less than 1% per week
- Design life: 20 years

Please note: Due to the bulky and heavy nature of this product there will be additional freight charges required, which will vary depending on your location. Our customer service team will call you to discuss. Please send us an email of give us a call before placing the order for more information

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Battery quantity 1pc
Recharging Voltage 2.23V-2.3V
Standard Recharge Current 135A

DC Voltage 12V

Width 706mm
Height 802mm
Depth 550mm
Weight 530kg

Battery Chemical Composition Lead Acid
Battery usage Rechargeable
Amp Hour Rating 1350Ah