4.7kΩ Epoxy Dip NTC Thermistor

SKU RN3438
These devices are made of a special ceramic material which changes resistance value rapidly with temperature change. They are commonly used to check thermal runaway with bipolar transistor amplifiers etc, but really have dozens of other uses. They are rugged and very reliable.

- Radial type, dipped epoxy
- Type-NTC Ceramic material with tinned copper lead


Diameter 5mm

Temperature Coefficient Negative (NTC)
Resistance at 25°C ±10% 4.7kΩ
Thermistor Temperature Range -20°C-125°C
Thermal Dissipation Constant 6mW/°C

Component Type Thermistor
Pack Quantity 1pc
Passive mount type Through Hole
Passive connector type Solder Legs
Pitch 5mm
Component package Radial
Passive number of legs 2 count

Maximum Power 500mW

DC current rating 45mA