47mF 5.5VDC Super Capacitor

SKU RU6700

Super capacitors are a standby power source capable of providing up to 30 days back-up voltage and current to CMOS RAMS during power failures. 

- Never needs replacing or maintenance
- Can be soldered onto PCB's
- Can be charged at high and low current rates i.e. microamps to amps
- Made in Japan by ELNA


Height 7.5mm
Diameter 13mm

Capacitor type Super cap
Polarised Capacitor Yes

Item capacitance 0.047F

DC Voltage 5.5V

Component Type Electrolytic Capacitor
Pack Quantity 1pc
Passive mount type Through Hole
Passive connector type Solder Legs
Pitch 5mm
Component package Radial
Passive number of legs 2 count
Passive marking code Printed