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4A PCB Mount Thermal Circuit Breaker (SPST)

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Miniature auto-resetting thermal type units that solder directly into a PCB.
- Ideal for protecting power supplies, amplifier output transistors, appliances etc.
- Slow response time is ideal when capricious tripping would be a nuisance.

Calibration(at 25°C):
100% of current rating; will not trip.
101- 170% of current rating increasing likelihood of trip.
175- 199% of current rating trip within 1 hour.
200% of current rating within 1 minute.
+200% of current rating from 1 minute to seconds.

Contact Resistance: 0.050ohms


Circuit Breaker Type PCB Mount
Circuit Breaker Current 4A
Circuit Breaker AC Voltage 125V
Circuit Breaker DC Voltage 12V
Circuit Breaker Resistance 0.05Ω
Circuit Breaker Di-electric Strength 1500VAC 1 Minute
Circuit Breaker Contact Endurance >1000 cycles, @ 150% of contact rating
Circuit Breaker Pole Count 1 pole