Brass Monkey


50L Super Efficient Marine Ice Box

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BEven though 12/240V portable fridge/freezers have simplified outdoor living, there is still a place for a good old ice box. They are completely independent of power and will keep your food/drinks very cold for a very long time. That is why there is probably one in every home in Australia. These units, generally called "ESKYS" are great, but these days they may be far too small for modern outdoor living. RTM have had a good hard look at portable iceboxes and have gone back to the drawing board. We have come up with a range of iceboxes which, we think, will delight you with user-friendly features - AND - a level of thermal insulation which gets the most out of that expensive bag of ice! We have named our icebox "Brass Monkey". This is based on an old Aussie joke from the dim dark past. It goes like this:
(Two people discussing the inclement weather)
"Gee, it's cold, how cold do you think it is?"
"Its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey"

So we hope that you now know how cold our iceboxes are once they have been packed with ice.
When you say: "Get me a beer out of the Brass Monkey, will ya?" everyone will know what you are talking about.

Each Brass Monkey Ice Box features:

• Polyurethane insulation foam for maximum temperature control
• Cavity sealed lid for superior cold performance
• Stainless latches and corrosion proof hinges
• Quick draining plug for excess water
• High-grade moulded tuck-in side handles for strength and easy carrying
• Rubber feet and textured finish lid
• Moulded corrosion proof hinge with aluminium pin
• UV resistant material
• 5 year warranty
50L Internal - 310(W) x 490(L) x 345(H)mm External - 425(W) x 620(L) x 445(H)mm
When you buy ice for your Brass Monkey, depending on the garage forecourt freezer chest, the ice temperature will be between-17 to -8˚C. The ice itself will have re-frozen inside the freezer chest and in all likelihood be a solid lump of ice cubes refrozen together. It is really no good to you in this form. What you need to do is break up the mass so that the individual cubes are separate. Do this, at the servo in front of the ice chest. Throw the bag from above your shoulders onto the concrete apron. Do this once or twice to break up the frozen lump. The bag won't break but it may split insignificantly. You will then be able to pour (the ice into your ice box, enabling you to pack your food/drinks more effectively. The ice will last just as long this way as the ice will quickly reach about -2 to -4˚C which will not be enough to freeze your beer.