6uF 400VAC Motor Start Capacitor

SKU RU6600

These capacitors are designed to replace the original capacitor that has failed. You must replace the part as the motor may simply not work, draw excessive current or have poor torque.

These are suitable for motors operating at up to 400VAC and common values are offered here.

Please note it is important to choose the correct value for the motor otherwise the starting torque of the motor will change.

Two different packages are provided. For the higher valued capacitors it's necessary to use the different case style which provides the important AMP250A terminals and an inbuilt safety device.


Width 49mm
Height 31mm
Depth 21mm

Capacitor type Motor start
Polarised Capacitor No

Item capacitance 6µF
Capacitance tolerance 20%

DC Voltage 400V

Component Type Polypropylene Capacitor
Pack Quantity 1pc
Passive mount type Chassis
Passive connector type Spade Terminals
Component package Square pack
Passive number of legs 2 count
Passive marking code Printed