Beko 60cm Dishwasher White DFN38450W

by Beko
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AquaIntense introduces new power zone of water. AquaIntense shows up to 5 times better unique cleaning performance even on heavily dried soiled dishes. SoftTouchTM Accessory: Extra removable accessory added next to existing glass holders to keep wineglasses safe. Dedicated modular design to grab up to 4 glasses in different sizes. With extra modules it is possible to wash 30 glasses at once. Glass care program: Special delicate program will achieve best washing pressure and temperature for gentle washing in both lower and upper baskets. Beko SteamGloss Dishwashers enable you to dry your dishes without losing their brightness. Your glasses will shine with the help of steam technology. Let your dishes sparkle with the gentle steam touch and enjoy spotless, shiny dishes. LGA test result proves stainless and spot free glossy drying, 23% better results for glassware, and 30% improvement in the brightness of porcelains has been recorded. Programs Eco 45, Auto, AquaFlex, Baby Protect, Intensive 70, Quick&Clean, GlassCare 40, Mini 30, Prewash

  • AquaIntense
  • Glass Care
  • SteamGloss

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