Beko 7kg Sensor Controlled Heat Pump Dryer DPE7400

by Beko
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This product has a 24 Month Standard Manufacturers Warranty or a FREE Five Years extended once registered with Beko

Placed under a benchtop or stacked with a washing machine, front load dryers are perfect for those wanting to save space.

Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door design, the Aquawave Technology of Beko dryers provide gentle yet effective drying conditions for all garments, making them last longer. The machine is able to sense the level of dryness required for the load and will automatically stop once the level has been achieved.

In Beko dryers, the anti-crease function automatically follows the drying cycle. This function provides ready-to-go laundry, since the gentle drum action separates the laundry and ensures that it remains wrinkle-free. All Beko clothes dryers operate with a reverse drum action, which provides homogeneous drying and prevents creasing of your laundry.

Drying programs: Cotton Iron Dry, Cotton Cupboard Dry, Cotton Cupboard Dry+, Cotton Extra Dry, Synthetics Iron Dry, Synthetics Cupboard Dry, Delicates, Freshen Up, 45C, 30C, Shirts, Sports, Baby Protect, Xpress, Daily, Jeans.

  • Aquawave Technology
  • FlexySense
  • Auto anti-creasing
  • Reverse drum action

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