Beko 90cm Dual Fuel Free Standing Multifunction Cooker BFC916GMX

by Beko
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Beko 90cm Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Free Standing Multifunction Cooker with Durable Oven Door and Catalytic Panels.

Multidimensional Cooking: Multidimensional cooking is the new generation of professional cooking technology that activates all heating elements on a multidimensional level. The upper, lower, and fan heating elements - combined with the fan - all work simultaneously to provide even heat and temperature distribution.

Durable Oven Door: Built to perform, the door hinges have a sleek yet strong and durable design. Due to the solidity of the hinges, the door can carry a load as heavy as 22.5 kg, which is over 20% more than standard oven doors. That means you can place your fully loaded trays on the door without any concerns.

Catalytic Panels: The catalytic panel mounted on the back or side walls of the oven cavity absorbs grease and reduces odours during cooking, making it easier to clean the oven without the need for heavy-duty cleansers.

  • Multidimensional Cooking
  • Durable Oven Door
  • Catalytic Panels
  • Flexible Pull Out Shelf System
  • Easy to Remove Side Racks
  • 8 Oven Functions

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