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by Bosch

Bosch Series 4 Fully-Integrated Dishwasher SMV4HTX01A


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Dishwasher with 14 place setting capacity, very low energy and water consumption, and WiFi connectivity.

So quiet we had to add a light to let you know it’s running.

InfoLight beams a red LED light discreetly onto the floor during the wash cycle and disappears after the drying cycle is complete.

Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow.

With Home Connect you can operate your dishwasher from your phone, and thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, your dishwasher can even be controlled by voice as well.


HygienePlus option: Rinsing with higher temperatures for better hygienic performance.

Utilises a hotter final rinse to help remove bacteria from your cooking utensils, chopping boards and baby bottles. For baby bottles, we recommend using traditional sanitation methods inconjunction with this option.

EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.

Our advanced motor has been built to provide you with maximum efficiency, economy, and durability while operating. EcoSilence Drive wash and drain pumps work without brushes, resulting in energy efficiency, optimim wash results, and ultra-silent performance. Additionally, the drain pump cuts out as soon as the water is drained, avoiding any air intake and the loud ‘gurgle’ sound that comes with it.

Your favourite functions are one touch away

Make the most out of your connected dishwasher by simplying your daily life. With the Favourite function you can simply set up your most used program and option as your favourite combination. Your favourite can then be started via the Home Connect app or directly on the display with one touch.

Better drying performance at the press of a button.

Activating the Extra Dry option helps to dry your dishes better by using higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase - with just one push of a button.

DosageAssist™ ensures superior wash results.

Unique to Bosch, DosageAssist maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets by dropping it into a specially engineered tray that is targeted by water jets, resulting in a tablet that dissolves evenly under control. For superior cleaning performance and a quieter wash.

Rackmatic height adjustable top basket for added loading flexibility and convenience.

The height of the top basket can easily be adjusted and you can do this even when it's fully loaded. That means even more adjustment options and maximum flexibility. Rackmatic also allows the dishwasher to operate with one side of the top basket angled higher or lower, allowing tall plates in the lower basket and long stem glassware in the top basket to be washed simultaneously.

ActiveWater technology: less water, less energy, more performance.

This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.

Automatic programs ensure the best cleaning performance every time.

By choosing the automatic program, your dishwasher will assess how soiled the items are and adjust the program time and temperature accordingly. This provides best results while making the most of saving water and energy.


AquaStop with 100% lifetime guarantee against water damage.

The AquaStop™ Plus system consists of a double-walled supply hose, a safety valve, as well as a floor sump with float switch, offering 100% protection against water damage. Guaranteed by Bosch.

The Child lock prevents unintended door opening.

For added safety, the door can be locked manually to prevent children from inadvertently opening the door. The buttons can also be locked to prevent tampering during operation.

Additional Appliance Information

  • 14 place setting capacity
  • 4 Star Energy rating
    4 Star WELS Water rating
  • 13.5 litres water consumption per wash and 230 kWh energy consumption per year, based on the Eco Wash 45 °C program with a cold water connection
  • InfoLight: program status indicator beams a red light onto the floor to let you know when the dishwasher is operating
  • Hidden control buttons integrated into the top of the door
  • Polinox inner tub: The patented Polinox inner tub is extremely durable, odourless and rust-free. German engineered with robust materials that withstand dints, scratches and discolouration, based on 10 year simulation tests
  • Time remaining display
  • Audible program end indicator tone (can be turned on/off)
  • Vapor barrier plate included
  • 6 programs:
    - Eco Wash 45 °C
    - Auto Wash 45-65 °C
    - Pots/Pans 70 °C
    - Quick 1h 65 °C
    - Glass Wash 40 °C
    - Favourite (Pre-Rinse is set as default)
  • 4 special options:
    - Remote Start: Connect to WiFi via HomeConnect
    - Extra Dry: Provides an even better drying result by extending the drying time.
    - HygienePlus: Hotter final rinse, for increased hygiene that helps to remove bacteria
    - SpeedPerfect: Reduces the wash time, and can be activated at any moment (even after the wash program has started) via the SpeedPerfect button or via WiFi using the Home Connect app
  • Machine Care: Maintains your dishwasher's optimum performance and hygiene.
  • DosageAssist: Maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets. The tablet is dropped into a specially engineered tray and is completely dissolved. For superior cleaning performance and a quieter wash
  • EcoSilence Drive quiet and energy-efficient brushless motors (BLDC): Main Pump & Drain Pump. Variable water & spray pressure to achieve optimum cleaning results. Fast and extra quiet draining of water, no gargling sounds
  • Aqua Sensor technology: Regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling.
    Load Sensor technology: Provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity.
  • AutoBrilliance: Automatic detergent and rinse aid sensor
  • Heat exchanger.
  • 3 stage filter system, including an innovative micro filter with a corrugated design that convenientely helps to reduce the need to wash the filter and also helps to prevent blockages.
  • 5 spray levels for maximum water contact and optimum wash results
  • Quiet operation: 46 dB(A)
  • Home Connect WiFi connectivity
  • VarioFlex basket system
  • Rackmatic: the top basket can be adjusted to at various height levels to maximise convenience, and even utilised on an angle which helps prevent water pooling on the top of cups
  • Smooth gliding low friction wheels in the bottom basket
  • 2 foldable plate racks in top basket
  • 4 foldable plate racks in bottom basket
  • 2 foldable cup shelves in top basket
  • Knife and cutlery tray in upper basket
  • Time delay start: Delay program start time by 1-24 hours to suit your schedule
  • Moveable cutlery basket in bottom basket
  • Rack Stopper to prevent derailing of bottom basket
  • Large item spray head: For washing extra large items such as baking trays and rangehood filters
    Vapor barrier plate included
  • AquaStop Plus: Water supply device with lifetime anti-flood protection
  • Child door lock
  • Appliance dimensions (HxWxD): 81.5-87.5 cm x 59.8 cm x 55 cm
  • Packaging dimensions (HxWxD): 87 cm x 64 cm x 67 cm
  • Gross Weight: 35.9 kg
Home Connect Yes
Home Connect Features Remote Monitoring and Control
Connectivity type Wi-Fi
Color / Material panel Black
Built-in / Free-standing Built-in
Door panel options Not possible
Drying system Heat exchanger
Height 815 mm
Hidden heating element Yes
Installation type Integrated
Removable top No
Tub material Plastic
Water softener (permanently deactivated/disabled) No
Width of the product 598 mm
Dimensions of the product (HxWxD) 815 x 598 x 550 mm
Height of removable worktop 0 mm
Number of Options 5
Adjustable plinth both horizontal and vertical
Net weight 33.722 kg
Drying progress indicator End of program audible, Time remaining indic. internal, water inlet
List of programmes Auto 45-65°C, Custom program, Delicate, Eco AU, Intensive, Quick L
Programme duration, programme1 (min.) 185
Programme duration, programme2 (min.) 120-190
Programme duration, programme3 (min.) 125-135
Programme duration, programme4 (min.) 60
Programme duration, programme5 (min.) 100-105
Programme duration, programme6 (min.) 15
Number of different wash temperatures 4
Temperature, programme 1 (°C) 45
Temperature, programme 2 (°C) 45-65
Temperature, programme 3 (°C) 70
Temperature, programme 4 (°C) 65
Temperature, programme 5 (°C) 40
Glass protection techn. No
Surge-back protect. installed Yes
Water protection system Total system
Glass protection techn. No
Energy consumption 0.62 kWh
Energy consumption, programme1 (kWh) 0.62
Energy consumption, programme2 (kWh) 0.95-1.52
Energy consumption, programme3 (kWh) 1.35-1.4
Energy consumption, programme4 (kWh) 1.2
Energy consumption, programme5 (kWh) 0.75-0.8
Energy consumption, programme6 (kWh) 0.05
Water consumption, programme 1 (l) 13.5
Water consumption, programme 2 (l) 7.5-15.4
Water consumption, programme 3 (l) 10.5-13.5
Water consumption, programme 4 (l) 10
Water consumption, programme 5 (l) 11.5-14
Water consumption, programme 6 (l) 4
Water consumption 13.5 l
Maximum temperature for water intake (°C) 60 °C
Connection rating 2,400 W
Length electrical supply cord 175 cm
Fuse protection 10 A
Length inlet hose 165 cm
Length outlet hose 190 cm
Plug type AU plug


Note: A front door panel is not provided.

2 year warranty

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