Digitech Portable Wireless UHF Microphone Headset System

The ultimate in personal amplification. This ingenious unit combines an ultra lightweight rechargeable wireless headset, and a compact rechargeable amplifier. This means you’re not tethered to your amplifier, and you can spruik your message for 12-18hrs! Ideal for trade shows, demonstrations, or anywhere you want to be heard! The 10W amplifier and speaker pairs with the microphone, but can also be used in MP3 mode to playback from a USB flash drive (not supplied). Recharge both units using the supplied adaptors, and you’re ready to go again! Buttons and an LCD screen on the amplifier give you total control, while the microphone features onboard volume control too.

- UHF Wireless Microphone
- Fully Rechargeable Amplifier & Microphone
- USB Playback (BYO Drive)
- Playback Time: 12 - 18hrs (6-10hrs for MP3)
- Recharge Time: 3-5hrs
- Amplifier Power: 10W


Length : 110.0mm
Width : 90.0mm
Depth : 40.0mm
Weight : 253.0kg
Frequency Response : 90.0Hz, 18000.0Hz