Electronic Transformers for LED Lights

SKU MP3360
Electronic transformers that are intended for use with halogen downlights are not suitable for use with LED-replacement lighting products, since using them often causes flickering and dramatically reduces the life expectancy of the LED light. These electronic transformers are designed to be used with LED lighting products that take a 12V power source, for example our LED MR16 replacement globes, and provide the same kind of efficient power delivery and compact size as a normal electronic transformer. They deliver a constant 12VDC and feature short circuit, over temperature, over load and spike protection. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, they are perfect for combining with our LED MR16 globes to replace those power-hungry halogen downlights. 10W and 20W models available:

This is a 10W Electronic Transformer for LED lights

Also available:
20W Electronic Transformer for LED lights MP3362


Special Application Downlight,LED Lighting

AC Voltage rating 240V

DC Voltage 12V

DC current rating 833mA

Max Input Power 10W