Samsung Gear S3 frontier

by Samsung

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has the aesthetics of a truly premium watch with advanced features built right into the watch design. That's why it's so easy and effortless to use the Gear S3 Frontier. Just twist the bezel and it's a smart watch that turns your life around with its advanced features. It's also built for you to go days, without needing your phone or to recharge. You get to feel free with the Gear S3 Frontier.

Key Features

  • Display: The Gear S3 Frontier looks and feels like a real watch, but does more than a regular watch without requiring any extra effort on your part. The Always on Display gives the Gear S3 Froniter's 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display the look of a true watch. Transform the appearance of your Gear S3 Frontier just by changing the watch face. With 15 preloaded designs and more available on the Gear App Store, it's really only a matter of choice.
  • Design: The circular bezel is what makes the Gear S3 Frontier so effortless to use. Its beauty is in its simplicity. Plus, the strong and premium stainless steel favoured by traditional watchmakers gives the Gear S3 Frontier the durability it needs to take on some of the most adventurous outdoor activities.
  • Convenient: With a GPS on the Gear S3 Frontier, your phone can stay at home or tucked away in your backpack. You still get optimised hiking routes, still see the distance to the next hole on the green, and find the best places to eat in the area after the game. 
  • Expedient: With the Gear S3 Frontier you can go for up to four days before putting it down for a charge. The battery lasts that long. When the Gear S3 Frontier needs a charge, just set it down on its wireless charging dock. You don't even have to wait that long, because it charges fast as well.
  • Outstanding: Wear the Gear S3 Frontier in all kinds of weather, to all kinds of places. It's rated IP68 so it's able to withstand dust and dirt and being submerged in up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes underwater.
  • Exceptional: Whether you need to do a web search, call or text someone on your contact list, just say the word. For those errands you have to run, that appointment you don't want to miss, activate S Voice to have Gear S3 Frontier set reminders for you. It will tell you when it's time.