GME 5W UHF Transceiver Twin Pack TX6160TP

by GME
    This rugged Australian designed handheld UHF radio is built with a diecast chassis and is rated IP67 water and dust proof. With a powerful 2600mAh lithium ion battery pack and intelligent battery management it can operate for a maximum of 30 hours on low power or 15 hours on high power - 50% longer than any other 5W UHF CB radio. It is equipped with a super sensitive receiver with input filtering and has an extensive list of innovative software features in scanning, memory, signal processing and privacy.

    • Switchable power output (5W/1W)
    • Scan, CTCSS, and VOX functions
    • Dual watch, monitor two channels
    • Key lock/tone function
    • DCS digital coded squelch
    • Recharge via USB
    • Backlit LCD

    • Two TX6160 UHF Radios with belt clips
    • Two Li-ion battery packs
    • Dual desktop charger with mains adaptor
    • 12v car charger 
    • Two Earpiece style microphone
    • Two IP67 speaker microphone
    • Rugged carry case
    • In-car charging lead
    • Rugged moulded carry case