LG 310L Stainless Fridge Freezer GB310RPL

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LG 310L Bottom Mount Fridge with 4 Star Energy Rating, Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Finish, Smart Diagnosis and Reversible Door.

Adjust your fridge & freezer door not your kitchen. Reversible hinged doors can be adjusted to swing open to the right or to the left, ensuring that your fridge never blocks an entranceway or interferes with cabinets and appliances.

With LG Smart Diagnosis the Refrigerator can "talk for itself" using either the Smartphone app or by calling the LG Customer Information Centre to find a solution that may save time and money on unnecessary callouts.

  • 4 Star Energy Rating
  • Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Finish
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Reversible Door

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