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Liquid Electrical Tape Thread Locker 118ml: Red or Black

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This liquid can be used instead of insulation tape. Simply brush it on and it will insulate and seal out moisture. Once dry, it is acid & salt resistant and won't crack, peel or harden even under extreme conditions. This is a very versatile product and can be used for such diverse applications as stopping screws from vibrating loose or ropes unravelling.
Service Aid Chemicals
Net Volume 118ml
Service Aid Liquid insulation
Physical state Liquid
Chemical container type Can / Tin
Classified as dangerous goods
DG UN Number 1993
DG Class 3
DG Pack Group II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code 3YE
DG Ship Name 1993 - Flammable liquids nos
DG C.A.S. Number 78-93-3 15-40%,9003-22-9 10-30%,1330-20-7 10-30%,67-64-1 5-10%,100-41-4 1-10%,68240-06-2 1-5%,1333-86-4 1-5%,14807-96-6 1-5%,108-88-3 <0.5%