SKU: QM3815

Marine AM/FM Radio with MP3 Player

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An attractive marine radio perfect for your boat but can be used for automotive purposes. In addition to standard AM/FM radio the front panel includes USB & SD card slots which allow playback of MP3s. There's also a 3.5mm auxiliary port so you can connect an iPod, headphones, or Smartphone for playing back music. The unit can be controlled with the infrared remote or front panel interface. For audio tinkerers, a myriad of settings are available including bass, treble, balance, and fade settings. There are also rock, pop, and classical equalisation pre-sets to suit your taste in music. Installation is straightforward, just connecting via the supplied 14pin plug; all speaker cables are labelled to streamline the install. The USB, SD card and AUX sockets all come with splash proof silicone covers.


•    MP3/USB/SD Player
•    Rust-resistant chassis
•    Electric Detachable Panel
•    UV-resistant faceplate and trim ring
•    USB/SD front panel input
•    Includes wiring harness for conenction to ISO fitting commonly found in exisiting vehicles or can be removed and hardwired

Includes remote control

Length 189mm
Width 117mm
Height 57mm

3.5mm audio socket Yes
ISO/DIN Mountable Yes
Includes remote control? Yes
Power output 8.25WRMS / 8 Ohm x 4 and 13WRMS / 4 Ohm x 4