Martin M600 Clear Fluorocarbon Soprano / Concert Ukulele Strings


The Martin M600 set of ukulele strings is in the regular key of C, tuned GCEA with a high (re-entrant) G. This is the normal arrangement for soprano ukuleles. Martin say of these strings that 'the use of modern fluorocarbon increases the amplitude and improves the harmonic output'. By which they mean they sound nice, with a more going on in the tone. They also say the Martin M600's offer increased tensile strength which holds tuning longer. And certainly, after a period of settling in, they are perfectly stable.

As you might expect from Martin, a pioneer of ukuleles for many decades, these strings produce a nice vintage tone, with good volume, and a punchy tone. They are a particularly appropriate string change from Aquila for those who like to fingerpick, as the smooth texture is particularly nice when using this technique.