Medeli Touch Sensitive M15 Keyboard

by Medeli

One of the best value for money keyboards on the market. One of the best features of the M15 is that it’s incredibly easy to use. The layout is very user friendly and it includes a scroll wheel for quickly dialing up any of the 300 sounds. Also has a pitch bend wheel, an easy to read display, USB to host, and automatic sustain function, great sounds and rhythms, and much much more! The ideal starter keyboard.

Touch sensitivity basically means that the harder you play the keys, the louder they are. If you play softly, it’s quiet. That may sound like a no-brainer, but most keyboards in this price range don’t have this feature, and it really is essential for making music sound like actual music. Even kids who are just starting need to learn that how hard they play the keys makes a difference to the sound. It’s hard to find touch sensitive keyboards at this price.

Keyboard 61 touch response 
Display Backlit LCD 
Polyphony 32 (max) 
Voices 300 voices 
Split YES 
Styles 200 preset 
Sequencer 1 user song (melody + accomp.) 
Music Library 100 preset songs; 
Music Tutorial System 
Demo Song 100 
Dimensions LWH 940 x 370 x 130 mm 
Weight 5.5 kgs 

With full size piano keys, touch response, and an easy to learn and play function. This is an ideal practice keyboard for the young piano player. Works on batteries and comes with mains power adaptor, book rest, and instruction manual.