Panasonic Home Monitoring & Control Kit


Ensure home security and maintenance with the Panasonic Home Monitoring & Control Kit which proves immense value through its expedient and easy-to-use design so that you keep an eye on things the simple way. This Kit is complete with one central Hub Unit, Window/Door Sensors, an Indoor Camera and a Smart Plug, is Wireless Ready, and boasts outstanding Sensor Monitoring and Home Power Management functionality.

Key Features

  • Exceptional: this Kit utilises DECT technology to enable an exceptionally longer range within your elected space in order to maintain constant communication between all of your devices and the main Hub.
  • Sensor Monitoring: the included Indoor Camera boasts 3 Way Detection with Motion Detection, Sound Detection and Temperature Detection. And through this functionality, you can also select the Detection Area by adjusting which areas of the camera images are monitored for motion detection.
  • Convenient: when the system’s sensors are triggered and motion is detected, this system can send a notification to call a pre-programmed phone number (such as your smart phone or work phone) and can play a message to alert you to the situation.
  • Expedient: boasts home power management where you can use your compatible mobile device to access smart plugs, turn on lights or other appliances, view a record of your smart plug power consumption, or even create a smart plug schedule for turning devices on and off at appointed times.
  • Efficient: enables you to easily add and register additional devices to the central Hub via its One Push Pairing Button.
  • Size: the Hub Unit measures as (W) 13 x (D) 13 x (H) 4.2cm, the Window/Door Sensor Unit is sized (W) 3.1 x (D) 2.2 x (H) 10.2cm, the Magnet Unit is (W) 1.4 x (D) 1.4 x (H) 3.7cm, the Indoor Camera is (W) 7.5 x (D) 7.5 x (H) 10.2cm, and the Smart Plug is sized (W) 6.4 x (D) 5.5 x (H) 9.4cm.