Panasonic Satellite Recorder with Twin Tuner DMRHST270GZ

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The HST270 brings you new levels of recording and streaming capability. Enabled by twin tuners, the HST270 allows you to record two TV programmes while you stream your favourite content from NETFLIX or your preferred video on demand platform. Have your traditional TV content, recorded programmes, and your streaming platforms all easily accessible in one place.

Record two programmes simultaneously in Full HD
Since it has two tuners, this model can record two different HD programmes while you watch TV on another channel or stream from a video on demand source. So there’s no need to worry about missing anything when programmes overlap.

Heaps of HD recording
The built-in 1TB HDD can hold up to 684 hours of HD-quality recordings, so even if you preset a number of series’ to record while you’re on holiday, you won’t miss an episode.

Catch up on anything you missed
With the newly supported Freeview Play function you will be able to watch TV programmes from the last seven days with ease. You can watch anything you may have missed while you were away from home, without even having to record them. They're ready for you to watch in your free time.

TV Series/Keyword Recording
By registering TV programmes with the Series Recording function or a Keyword like “Soccer” with the Keyword Recording function, all relevant programmes will be automatically recorded and stored each time they are broadcast. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to record a programme, and lets you accumulate episodes ready for a binge watch!

Record live TV while watching video on demand content
Don’t worry about your Netflix* session being interrupted by live TV recording; the HST270 is a fantastic multi-tasker! Stream your video on demand content while recording on two live channels seamlessly.

TV Anytime, anywhere
The HST270 can send recordings and live TV broadcasts via internet connection to smartphones or tablets outside the home.