Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 30A Solar Regulator 2200 Watt 24VDC to 230VAC

by Folders
This fantastic quality pure sine wave inverter will run all sorts of appliances. Pure sine wave mirrors traditional grid power, providing a more stable power source. But this is so much more than just an inverter. It features a fully integrated 30A solar charger! That means you can connect your solar panels directly to this unit, for a total solar / charge / mains power solution - perfect for off-grid or travel. Designed to run using a 24V battery bank, it’s suitable for use with up to 500W of solar panels. With the handy included remote control, you can easily monitor functions while the main unit is tucked away somewhere practical. The remote displays solar charge status, battery charge or discharge status, battery charge level, power output level, and more. The dual mains outlets are very handy, as are two USB charging outlets for all those recharging needs! This is a very simple to install solution that will provide years of reliable service.

• Built-in 30A PWM solar controller with remote control
• Dual mains socket
• Dual USB 5V, 1A+2A
• Battery Requirements:
Battery Voltage: 18-31VDC
Battery Capacity: ≥ 65Ah Recommended
Maximum Input Current: 120A
Standby Current: ≤ 0.75A
• Solar Charge Input:
PV Voltage: 32-45VDC
Maximum Solar Power: 500W
Maximum Solar Current: 30A
Solar Charge Controller Type: PWM
• AC Specifications:
Surge Peak Power: 4000W @ 1 Second
Voltage Harmonics: ≤ 5%
Conversion Efficiency: ≥ 90%