Sunbeam Cafe Series Manual & Capsule Espresso Machine EM7100

by Sunbeam
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Sunbeam high performaning manual espresso machine with twin thermoblock, twin pump and twin gauge technology for quick heat up and optimum temperature.

The pressure and unique milk temperature gauge provide live feedback during your coffee making, making it easier for you to be your own barista at home. The addition of a dedicated capsule handle, allows you to enjoy fresh bean flavour or the convenience of capsule coffee.

Included accessories: Commercial group handle, multi-capsule group handle, 4 filter baskets, Nespresso capsule adaptor, lavazza adaptor, caffitaly adaptor, 600ml stainless milk jug, tamper, water filter, cleaning disc, cleaning tool.

  • Twin thermoblock and Twin Pump technology
  • Milk Temperature Gauge & Temperature Sensing Steam Wand
  • 2 Group Handles - Commercial and Capsule handle
  • 355 x 365 x 340 (H x W x D)