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Top Post Knife-Blade Style Battery Isolator Switch 250A

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This handy isolator switch can serve many purposes. Firstly, it can help avoid battery drain on an idle vehicle or boat that is in storage or only gets occasional use. It can help discourage theft, and also provides an easy way to disconnect power to prevent shorts and fires when you are working on the electrical system. The switch fits directly over the battery’s negative post, and has a knife-blade that enables you to disconnect power without any tools. Suits either 12V or 24V systems and is rated to handle 250A continuously and a cranking current up to 750A. 

Warning: This switch is only to be assembled on top of the NEGATIVE post of battery, under NO circumstances is this to be connected to POSITIVE post of battery.

- 250A
- 12/24V
- 750A cranking
- 4-6AWG Cable Size


Scale max 250A

Scale min 12V
Scale max 24V

Width 95mm
Height 50mm
Depth 67mm
Weight 230g