Tread Heavy Duty Recovery Tracks RSC344

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read Heavy Duty Recovery Tracks 

These are typical of the well-known ‘snow board’ style of recovery track. They feature a heavy stud pattern on both sides to grip into mud, bulldust, sand or snow. They are foot wide (300mm) so the widest off-road tyres will be accommodated. They also are symmetrical front/rear so you should be able to slide them under a bogged tyre from either direction. 

The big difference between these and competitor’s product, is that this set comes with a heavy canvas-type bag which is zippered all round. This enables you to stow the muddy tracks until you can get somewhere to wash them down. You won’t believe how good this feature is until you have a pair of muddy tracks inside the cabin of your RV! Ours are moulded in a pleasing royal blue colour. 

 • 1.1m long - Pair