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Delonghi coffee making accessories

Delonghi coffee making accessories

When it comes to coffee, there are a lot of things that go into making the perfect cup. From the beans themselves to the brewing method, a lot of variables can affect the taste. But one important factor often gets overlooked: the accessories.

Coffee machines come with all sorts of different attachments and features, and each one can impact the flavour of your coffee. That’s why it’s important to choose the right accessories for your machine.

Here are DeLonghi’s top espresso machine accessories:

1. The perfect grind: A good grinder is essential for making great coffee. It allows you to grind your beans to the perfect size and consistency, which can affect the taste and aroma of your coffee.

2. The right milk: Not all milk is created equal. For the best froth and flavour, use whole milk or 2% milk. Skim milk and other types of milk won’t produce the same results silky results.

3. Coffee Tamper: There are a few things you should look for when choosing a great coffee tamper. Make sure its the right size for your machine cup. We recommend a stainless steel tamper with a little weight. It will last for years and help you with the correct pressure needed to tamper the grinds.

4. A tamper mat or stand: Essential tool for any coffee lover. It gives you a firm balanced position to apply 20 pounds tamp pressure. Silicone rubber mats or a stainless stand that keeps the cup in position both work well.

4. Coffee Knock Box: The challenge of disposing of the used grinds is made easy with one or two taps on the knock bar. The compacted grinds, or puck, will fall into the bin with no unnecessary mess. 

5. Milk Frothing Jug: The right jug will make frothing, determining temperature, serving, and pouring milk so much easier. Milk pitchers come in a variety of sizes with 12oz and 20oz the most popular. Stainless steel is the most popular choice of material though there are glass and ceramic options.  If you are interested in Latte art a good spout designed for precise pouring helps perfect your technique.

5. Cleaning supplies: keeping your coffee machine clean is essential for making great coffee. Make sure to have the right cleaning supplies on hand, so you can keep your machine in top condition.

That's it - with these essentials, you'll be ready to make some delicious espresso drinks!

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