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Bosch Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gas - Folders

Bosch Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gas

At Bosch, they wanted to make cooking with gas as easy, safe and enjoyable as possible. getting that flame just right is often an art, particularly if you are wanting to simmer or melt chocolate That´s why they developed patented FlameSelect. Bosch gas cooktops offer a completely new level of precision when it comes to adjusting the flame by selecting predefined power levels. Bosch gas cooktops are also a true eye catcher because each individual cooktop is a masterpiece of timeless design, carefully selected material and function.

The new Gas cooktops with FlameSelect and its patented valve technology lets you regulate the gas output precisely and noticeably with power levels from 1 to 9. This helps you always to get perfect results – simply at the flick of a wrist.

FlameSelect allows you to adjust the exact flame size easily – from low to high across nine predefined power levels. Unlike conventional gas cooktops with inaccurate power setting, with the new Bosch cooktops you are completely in control of the temperature settings, which is especially important when it comes to cooking at intermediate levels of heat. Step four is recommended for simmer and you have three further settings below this!

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