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Front versus top loading washing machines

Front versus top loading washing machines

At Folders we are keen to make sure you make the correct purchase. From years in the appliance industry selling laundry appliances from washing machines, driers to irons and ironing boards we have learnt a few things about laundry. When it comes to deciding between a front load washer versus a top-load washing machine, there are several key differences that you should know about.

Front Load Washers:

  • Front-load washers are easy to use and generally faster than top-load washers.
  • They also take up less laundry space, which is ideal if you have a small laundry room.
  • Front-loading machines use less water because the clothes are tumbled in a horizontal drum as opposed to being tossed around by an agitator.
  • Generally spin faster than top-loading machines, resulting in less moisture remaining in your clothes after washing. This also means that you'll likely need to dry your clothes for a shorter amount of time.
  • The rubber seal around the door can build up grime and mold and requires regular maintenance. Top-loaders do not have this problem.
  • Generally, top-loaders clean clothes better and this is the main reason front-loaders are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Tend to be more expensive than top-loading machines, though not always.

Top Load Washers:

  • Can use approximately 30% more water than front loaders and tend to be less energy efficient.
  • The large central agitators can be harder on clothes than a front-loader, though many modern top-loaders now have low-profile agitators which help mitigate this problem.
  • Are typically cheaper to buy and maintain than front load machines, though not always.
  • Tend to create more noise than front loaders
  • Can be less effective at removing stains than front loaders.
  • Are better at handling large items, such as comforters or sleeping bags but front loaders with a volume capacity over 8Kg work well.
  • Don't require you to bend down as much to load and unload laundry.
  • On average life expectancy is statistically a bit longer than the equivalent sized front loader.

Front-load washing machines have become the popular choice for most consumers because of their better cleaning ability and greater efficiency with energy and water usage. However, they generally cost a little more and need a bit more maintenance.

If you're still unsure which washing machine is right for you, consider contacting us at Folders and we will walk you through the options

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