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Phones can assist with a good night sleep

We all know mobile phones are a no-go zone when it comes to sleep. But, ironically, there are several apps now available for both iOS and Android phones that are designed to actually assist you to get a good night’s sleep. Some help track your sleep habits so you can work on developing better routines, others provide tools to help you stay calm, relaxed and ready to doze.

  1. White Noise: Deep sleep sounds reputed to help babies sleep as the “whoosy” noises simulate sounds from the womb, white noise includes sounds like an air conditioner, fan, vacuum cleaner, a car and hairdryer to send you off into a deep slumber.

  2. Pillow: Smart sleep tracking offers sleep quality analysis via tracking and then provides you with optimal sleep suggestions for how much you need, when you should ideally go to bed and also wake up. 

  3. Sleep cycle alarm clockdesigned to let you rest through deep sleep cycles and wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep so you’ll feel more rested and energised. It gauges this using sound technology, and also offers snore detection.

  4. Calm – have you ever pined for someone to read you a story? This app provides adult bedtime stories designed to lull you to sleep. It also offers various breathing exercises, meditation for beginners and more advanced programmes as well.

  5. Aura three minute meditations to reduce stress and anxiety, and help control your thoughts. You can select your micro-meditations depending on your mood.

  6. Headspace – The app provides you with a 10-day introductory course to meditation, which “creates the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest”. The course aims to teach you how to relax and be more mindful.

Sweet dreams from BedsRUs @ Folders!

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