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Things to consider when buying a fridge

Things to consider when buying a fridge

There are a few things to consider when buying a fridge. For instance, the size, the type of fridge, energy efficiency, door clearance, finish, desired features and the budget.

  1. The size of the fridge is an important consideration.  If you have an existing space you need to know the dimensions (HxWxD) to ensure your new fridge will fit.  If you have no limitations then the size will depend on your circumstances. If you have a large family, you'll need a bigger fridge. If you live alone or have a small family, you can get away with a smaller one. As a general rule of thumb a family of four with a weekly shop would use around 400-500 litres of fridge space.

2. There are a variety of fridge types.
    • Top freezer mounted are quite popular being compact and affordable. great for smaller kitchens but they generally pretty basic with few extra features.

    • The Bottom Mounted Freezer are more popular as the chilled fridge compartment being at the top are easier to reach. They also come in a lot more size options and generally have a greater level of feature options to choose from.

    • The side by side is becoming a very popular model with the left hand door being a freezer and the right the chilled area. The chilled fresh area is generally a little wider than the freezer space. The downside is the fridge chiller space width is compromised for any wider items you wish to store.

    • French doors give you the best width for the fresh chiller area with a double door at the top the full width of the fridge. The bottom freezer compartment is either made up of one or two freezer drawers.These are one of the more popular types so there are quite a few to choose from with a variety of features.

    • The Quad, or four door, fridge offers really true storage flexibility with freezer space provided in the two bottom compartments but more importantly one side can be converted back into fresh chiller space when there is a need. The top fridge chiller area is similar to the french door providing a chiller area the full width of the fridge.

        Other considerations are:

        Check the energy efficiency star rating for each type you are considering. There are some models better than others.

        The type of finish to suit your kitchen is also important. There are an increasing number of options from the traditional white to various other colours including black, stainless, and even a black stainless.If you are going with a stainless steel look make sure the stainless finish matches your exisiting stainless kitchen appliances. They are not always the same shade. 

        A key feature, often overlooked, is both having enough fridge door clearance, and/or whether you need left or right hand opening. Most come standard as a right opening door and not all fridges doors are interchangeable. Some require you to specifically order the correct door opening you need. Check this out carefully.

        When you consider these things, you will be able to choose the best fridge for your needs. Take your time and shop around to find the perfect fridge for your home. If you need advice call us on 0800 156 678

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