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Tips You Need to Know When Buying Appliances

Tips You Need to Know When Buying Appliances

Picking a new appliance can be quite stressful. It may have been many years since you last made a purchase and a lot has changed. There are more brands, new technology, greater energy efficiencies, and a multitude of options that can make the choice quite confusing. Here are a few tips.

1. Set a budget

Lucky for you the appliance industry is highly competitive so prices are really good mosts days of the year. However, as you explore the options you will find some really cool stuff that you may really want but ask yourself do you really need it! The temptation will be there to consider the more expensive offers. Don't get us wrong once you know whats available you may want to review your needs but setting a budget beforehand is always a very good discipline.

2. Have an open mind with brands

You may have had a really good run out of your last kitchen appliance and feel you should stick with the brand you know and trust. However, remember that last time you purchased was over a decade ago. The market changes and so do suppliers. The great experience you had last time may not be replicated with the same brand this time so its important to reconsider the brand options.

3. Consider design and use

Design has become a major selling point these days. Remember you will have this appliance for a long period of time. Unlike the walls you can't modernise or freshen up the 'look'. You may be replacing only one item but have a desire to modernise your kitchen in the near future. Check out kitchen designs and make sure the purchase will work in any future kitchen.

4. Measure

While dishwashers and wall ovens are generally standard sizes refrigerators and sometimes laundry can change. The space in your current kitchen may not suite your desired appliance. Also, think about installation. You may like that big four door fridge but can you get it through the door, up the stairs, or around the corner! Measure the complete route from the delivery truck to your new appliance's final destination.

5. Do your research

Check options out online. Read the reviews from credible independent sources. However, remember satisfied customers rarely bother to leave comments. Bad comment should NOT be taken seriously unless there is a common theme. Then it's worth checking out.

6. Visit retail stores

Check out the real thing. Feel the materials, how doors open, close, or slide and confirm the look because images online can deceive. Appliances are high touch items so wear and tear can be an issue. Your local appliance store will give you an insight into reliability and the ease of getting replacement parts. 

7. Price and retail choice

Most customers check price comparison sites these days and retailers are fully aware they have to be competitive. Don't restrict your retail search to the cheapest online or the big corporate store because you think they may be the cheapest. They often are not. Your local independent may well be able to provide what you want and at the best price and service. In addition, think about the life of the appliance and whether the retailer will be your champion if anything goes wrong or will you be just a number talking to a call centre.

8. Warranties and return policies

Understand what the manufacturers warranty cover. Most appliance warranties in New Zealand have a standard two years parts and labour but some brands do offer longer periods. We recommend you stay away from extended warranties as they are a waste of money.

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