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Using a Work of Art to Set a Bedding Theme - Folders

Using a Work of Art to Set a Bedding Theme

Today's guest post comes from Jeannette Volykhina from Art Salon ( Art Salon offers consultancy in interior design, purchasing art for residential and corporate clients and advisory services. Based in Auckland, Jeanette has a passion for style and impressive home design.

Nothing makes a bigger decorative impact than a one-of-a-kind collector piece. Especially when that piece is a 100-year-old hand-made antique Japanese kimono. The vintage textile work of art boasts bold colours and a strong graphic pattern with the jewel tones of the pinks jumping off the black background for a stunning effect.

In this bedroom, because we were working around the kimono as the focal art piece in the room, it seemed only natural to go with an Asian inspired bedding theme. Using heavily woven layers and contrasting textiles to highlight the connection back to the feature work of art. This colour combination paired perfectly with the Nobu Duvet from Logan & Mason.

You can use this technique of pairing a bold feature work of art with any new bedding. Simply pull one or two dominant colours from your favourite feature art piece and use them to set a theme for the room. The opportunities are endless and can be changed season to season just by changing which colours you decide to visually extract from the artwork.

These are some how-to ways on making this idea work for your space this winter:

Pick One, Two or Three Base Colours
Even though a painting or work of art may have 20 colours in it, if you’re styling a bedroom theme you have to try and stick to no more than three of those in order to create some visual harmony and not have it feel too busy. Pick some favourites!

Play With Prints
Patterned bedding can be a real pick-me-up when the temperature drops. An eclectic mix of colour and design creatively combined instills an inviting element to your room. Maybe try pairing the bedding in the period style of the artwork or go from a complete contrast, it’s an open playing field, you choose.

Warmed-up Whites
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to avoid white entirely. But switching things up to a light grey or combining with shades of silver is a great way to winterise the whole feeling of the room. Adding thicker textured items will help to warm things up and lots of cushions adds a bit of drama and flair.

Layer Up
You can also try using multiple layers of sheeting for added warmth. Think: fitted sheet, flat sheet, cotton blanket, flat sheet, duvet, blanket, throw. On those random warmer evenings, simply remove the layers from the top of your bed (i.e. the blankets and throw) so you don’t overheat.

Have Fun With It
As always, please don’t forget to have fun. Using playful cushions in contrasting styles, adding lots of throws, or runners, just adds to the overall effect. Don’t be afraid to highlight your artwork in combination with your bedding to show off your own unique personal style. After all it is all about your bedroom as a cozy haven and sanctuary!


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