24V, 72VA, 3A - Single Winding - Type 2158 Transformer

SKU MM2012

Traditional laminated iron core transformers suitable for new projects, hobby projects or as a  replacement in existing equipment. They have a thermal fuse built into the primary winding for added safety and a wide variety is available to suit your specific needs.

 • Primary Connection: 200mm Fly Leads
 • Conforms to AS/NZ 61558.2.6


Type of Transformer Laminated Core
Case Type 2158
Primary Winding Connection Flyleads
Secondary Winding Connection Flyleads
Secondary Winding Configuration Single Output
Temperature Rise Above Ambient at Rated Power 65°C
Regulation 10%
Core Material Laminated Iron
Magnetising Current 60mA
Thermal Fuse Yes
Mount Spacing (A) 82mm
Core Winding Depth (D) 76mm
Case Length (L) 69mm
Case Width (W) 48mm
Case Height (H) 59mm

Type of converter or transformer laminated/toroidal transformer

Max Input Power 72VA
Rated for AU Mains Yes
Mains Voltage Range 240V

AC Voltage rating 24V

AC current rating 3A

Weight 1300g