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SKU TH1604

3-in-1 Function Heat Blower and Soldering Iron


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A handy 3-in-1 unit with flame or flameless heat blower and soldering iron function. Great for general heating, drying, melting, soldering, heat shrinking etc. It also features adjustment for temperature control, Piezo ignition, child resistant latch and uses butane gas. The tip has a sturdy cap for when not in use. Ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike.

• Temperature of hot blow: Up to 500°C
• Temperature of soldering: Up to 450°C

Spare Tip available: TH1603
Butane gas required - use NA-1020

Heat Blower Setup
Note: To turn the unit into a heat blower, simply unscrew the small conical soldering tip off the end of the metal sections.


For More info on Soldering Irons.


Safety Lock for Storage Yes
Tip Cover Included Yes
Ignition Lock Yes
Flow Control Lever
Ignition Piezo Spark

Temperature Regulated No
Special Functions Heat blower, blowtorch
Soldering iron type Gas Soldering Iron
Temperature 450°C
Spare Tips Available Yes

Type Conical
Size 1mm

Internal tank volume 10ml
Burn time 95min
Fuel type Butane

Length 148mm
Width 35mm
Depth 23mm


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