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Arduino Workshop Book - 65 Projects

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In Arduino Workshop you will learn to make projects that add-on to your Arduino microcontroller platform. The book is very hands-on, describing 65 projects you can make.

Projects include:
• A digital thermometer
• A GPS logger
• A handy voltage tester
• A keypad combination lock
• A binary quiz game, and much, much more

The book is lavishly illustrated with very clear text and lots of professional tips for the novice constructor.

• 370 pages, 180 x 235 Softcover


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Publication Date Tue Jan 01 00:00:00 AEDT 2013
Publisher William Pollock
Edition / Printing Fourth
ISBN 978 1 59327 448 1
Author John Boxall

Physical structure Bound back soft cover
Title Arduino Workshop
Subject Arduino
Page count 370 pages
Knowledge Level Intermediate