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by Ashdown

Ashdown ABM Evo 4 1200W Bass Amp Head


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Ashdown Bass Tone Just Got Better

You know it, you love it - and now Ashdown kicks it up a notch or two with the ABM 1200 EVO IV bass amp head. With an earth-shaking 1200 watts of bass power, upgraded preamp section, extended EQ section, and tons of tone-shaping flexibility, the ABM 1200 EVO IV is another incarnation of the amazing line of Ashdown amps that professional bassists rely on to deliver their tone to the masses from stages around the world. Put the power, versatility, and tone of an Ashdown amp to work in your own bass rig and make every gig the best with the ABM 1200 EVO IV.

Ashdown ABM 1200 EVO IV Bass Amplifier Head at a Glance:

  • New features extend your tone-shaping flexibility
  • Bass equipment that's built to last
  • Ashdown delivers the modern bass sound

New features extend your tone-shaping flexibility

The new preamp section in the ABM 1200 EVO IV features variable drive technology. A dedicated drive knob lets you to adjust the amount of current flowing into the 12AX7 tube for tones that range from the cleanest of cleans to the fattest of overdriven thumps. The updated 9-band EQ section will surprise even dedicated ABM players, with tight tonal control including knobs to handle bass, middle, and treble and an expanded 6-band graphic for fine-tuning. Ashdown's familiar 1-knob compressor and sub harmonic generator work to make your tone tighter and fuller than you've ever heard it before and help you claim your rightful place in any mix. All the while you can keep an eye on your levels with the iconic Ashdown VU meter situated right on the face of your amp. Add all of this tonal control the flexibility of footswitching - the EQ, compression, sub harmonics, even the variable drive can all be kicked in and out with a tap of your toe.

Bass equipment that's built to last

The ideal combination of function and class, ABM Series bass amplifiers feature tough construction and reliable circuitry. The Ashdown ABM 1200 Evo IV bass head features stage-friendly designs and tour-friendly features that make hooking up your amp to your cabs, into the venue mixer, or in the studio easy to do. From the DI with XLR connection to the dedicated tuner output, you can take the professional quality of Ashdown with you wherever you go.

Ashdown delivers the modern bass sound

With a solid artist roster that includes Adam Clayton of U2, James Jamerson Jr., and the late, great John Entwistle of The Who, Ashdown delivers the sound of modern bass. Launched in 1996, the company has been guided by a singular vision: doing it right. Whether tube or solid-state circuits (or both) are employed, Ashdown amps serve up punchy, powerful tone with remarkable transparency and deep, controlled low end, along with exceptional mid-band attack and high-end brilliance. Take the stage with bass equipment that won't let you down. Rock with Ashdown.

Ashdown ABM 1200 EVO IV Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • 1200-watt bass amplifier head for all your gigging needs
  • Powerful 9-band EQ with Bass, Middle, Treble, and 6 sliders (100Hz, 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3KHz, 2.6KHz, and 5KHz) shapes your sound
  • Hybrid solid-state and 12AX7 tube preamp
  • Built-in compressor, tuner output, and effects loop
  • Ashdown sub-harmonic generator accurately tracks your main signal and reproduces it an octave lower
  • 4 secure speakON outputs for connecting speaker cabinets
  • DI output with XLR connection
  • Input level VU meter

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