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by Beko

Beko Tumble Dryer (Heat Pump, 7 kg)


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Looking after the environment

Heat Pump Technology with environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. Beko is very committed to the respect of the environment, the fight against climate change and the protection of nature. R290 refrigerant is better for the environment than standard refrigerants used in other tumble dryers.

Perfect drying, no colour bleeding

You used to dress up in all colours but your wardrobe has turned pale pastel. What happened? Oh, the tumble dryer happened. Now there is EcoGentle™ technology, which preserves the colour of clothes thanks to its innovative drying technology. Standard condenser drying works in conjunction with an air conditioning system to treat clothes gentler and make your dryer more energy efficient.

Hygienic drying cycle

The BabyProtect+® Program provides a deep sterilisation of your laundry killing the presence of live house dust mites and pollen. This sterilisation is possible due to the high temperature in this program, offering perfect drying cycles to protect your little one’s clothes and delicate skin.

Wave-like drum action for gentler treatment

Drying might take its toll on your clothes. So, here is AquaWave® system’s curved door glass and specially designed paddles that move the laundry in a wave-like action inside the drum, treating clothes gentler and improving the drying performance. Next time someone compliments your clothes and you reply, 'What, this old thing?' you might be telling the truth.

Energy Star Rating 7*new
Drying Capacity 7kg
Drying Technology Perfectdrying,nocolourbleeding
Sensor Drying OptiSense®
Noise Level 65dBA
Height 84.6cm
Width 59.7cm
Depth 56.8cm
Display Type DigitalDisplay
Time Delay FlexibleTimeDelay(0h-24h)
Colour White
Number of Programs 15
Program 1 CottonsIronDryProgram
Program 2 CottonsEcoDryProgram
Program 3 CottonsCupboardDryProgram
Program 4 CottonsExtraDryProgram
Program 5 SyntheticsIronDryProgram
Program 6 SyntheticsCupboardDryProgram
Program 7 TimerPrograms
Program 8 WoolRefreshProgram
Program 9 Shirts30minProgram
Program 10 JeansProgram
Program 11 Sports&OutdoorProgram
Program 12 MixedProgram
Program 13 Anti-Allergy+Program
Program 14 Bedding&Blanket/DownWearProgram
Program 15 Quick14'Program
Function 1 DrynessLevel
AquaWave® Wave-likedrumactionforgentlertreatment
Water Tank Location Up
Door Type Glass
Inner Drum Material StainlessSteel
Annual Energy Consumption 139kWh
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 42kg
Packaged Height 88cm
Packaged Width 65cm
Packaged Depth 58.5cm
Packaged Weight 43kg

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