SKU: SZ1910

Bilge Pump Switch Panel with High Water Alarm

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This switch features “Bilge Pump” backlit label and contura style illuminated rocker switch. However it also includes a VERY useful alarm buzzer. Install a second float switch (higher than the one that triggers your bilge pump). If water reaches the second float (meaning your pump has likely failed) a visual and audible alarm will activate. Very handy indeed. Includes panel cut-out template and is IP66 rated. This switch does not feature a circuit breaker like others in the range, so a fuse or circuit breaker should be added in circuit.

- IP66 rated
- For 12V systems
- Visual and audible alarm

Siren Level: 85dB
DC current rating : 20.0A
DC Voltage : 12.0V
Width : 54.0mm
Height : 114.0mm
Depth : 75.0mm