DuinoTECH Mega

by Jaycar

This is our most powerful Arduino™-Compatible board. Boasting more IO pins, more memory, more PWM outputs, more Analogue inputs and more Serial ports, the MEGA is definitely the Leader of the DuinoTECH pack. When you have a project that just needs more inputs, outputs & memory than the DuinoTECH Classic (UNO) can deliver, the MEGA has them in spades. And with 8x the program memory, you have the room to write much larger programs to take full advantage of the increased IO. Despite its elongated size, standard shields will still drop straight on this board.


•    Fully Arduino™ and DuinoTECH Compatible

•    ATMega2560 Microcontroller

•    EEPROM: 4KB

•    Speed: 16MHZ

•    ATMega16u2 USB-Serial Chipset

•    IO:

     Digital IO: 54 pins (15 are configurable as Digital or PWM)
     PWM Capable: 15 pins
     Analogue Inputs: 16pins
     Serial Ports: 4 (1 is connected to on-board usb-Serial port)

•    Input Voltage:

     5VDC Regulated via USB port or 5V pin
     7-14VDC via Vin pin
     On-board regulator supplies 5V when unit is powered via Vin pin