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Duinotech Tri-Axis Digital Tilt Sensor

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Raspberry Pi Compatible

Arduino® Compatible

Use this high performance acceleration sensor in your project to detect direction (transverse/longitudinal), as well as free fall, pulse, and shake detection. The on-board MMA8452Q is a smart low-power, three-axis, capacitive micromachine acceleration sensor with 12-bit resolution. Users are able to set a range of ±2g, ±4g, or ±8g, which can output high-pass filtering data and non-filtered data in real-time. An embedded function can also be used to generate an inertial wake-up interrupt signal, which enables MMA8452Q to maintain a low-power mode in the static state while monitoring the event.

• 12 bit and 8 bit digital outputs
• I2C digital output interface (up to 2.25MHz with 4.7kΩ pull-up resistor)
• Two programmable interruption pins applied to six interruption sources
• Three motion detection embedded channels: free fall detection, pulse detection, shaking detection
• Direction (transverse/longitudinal) detection with setting lag compensation
• Automatic arousal and auto-dormant ODR can be automatically altered
• High-pass filtering data can be exported in real time

Interface Voltage: 1.6V to 3.6V
Optional Dynamic Range: ±2g/±4g/±8g
Output Data Rate (ODR) Range: 1.56Hz to 800Hz
Noise: 99μg/√Hz


Required Supply Voltage 1.95V-3.6V

DC current rating 6µA
DC Current Surge Rating 165A

Length 35mm
Width 20mm
Height 7mm
Weight 2.6g